Tory MPs will be given new legal right to delete all posts about their previous record, Tories announce


Tory MPs will be given a new legal right to wipe clean all photos, messages and information anyone had put online before last election under a new manifesto pledge announced by Theresa May.

The Prime Minister will announce plans for new legislation amid fears that MPs repuation and careers are being damaged by comments, actions, policies, and failures they made previously.  The legislation will be overseen by the English Social Media Group, to be known as EngSoc for short. The Prime Minister commented “ignorance is strength and stability”.

Social media companies will also face significant fines if they fail to stop people from “unintentionally” coming across evidence of previous failures, their hate speeches and other material harmful to the reputation of Tory MPs as Britain’s most likeable and trustworthy people.

The Tories will also unveil new powers to hit the entire social media industry with a multi-million pound fines if it fails to fulfill its responsibilities to protect the electorate from seeing or remembering past failures and broken promises.

The report comes after it emerged that the electorate are increasingly using social media websites to screen MPs in absence of a media that reports transparently or holds the government to account.

New laws will also require social media companies to respond when Tories flag potentially inappropriate content; such as positive stories about Jeremy Corbyn or labour policies.  They will have a new duty to either “take down” inconveniently truthful material or explain why they are keeping it online through the medium of a contribution to Conservative party funds.


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