The country is infected with ransomware and it’s the poorest that must pay

income changes

[Source: Institute For Fiscal Studies; “The impact of tax and benefit reforms on household incomes”]

Here’s how to avoid it in future

Careful where you tick

“Last time I ticked ‘strong and stable government’; but what I got was a country more divided than any time in living memory, a unknown future that puts our children’s futures at stake, incoherent and wasteful policies, increase in poverty, increase in food banks, increasing debt, decrease in benefits, decreases in taxes for big corporations, and a purposeful failure to tackle tax avoidance.”

Read the small print

Policies are a good indication of what you might be installing. If you don’t see a policy, or it looks like it’s just been copy-pasted from elsewhere – be very suspicion. It may just be nothing more than appealing but empty slogans, misinformation, and sham stories about competitors.

Trustworthy source


Is it a reliable source? Have they previously kept promises? Perhaps they said they would save the NHS, when in fact they let it crumble while selling it off to friends for profit. Perhaps they’ve repeatedly done this to public owned services over decades – it might be a good indication that the same might happen again. Did they meet the targets they said? Have they improved your lives?

If you’re reading reviews elsewhere, be careful that they are reliable too. Perhaps what appears to be an independent reviewer is not. Perhaps there are strong links, financially or though past employment or associations. Has your source been banned by Wikipedia as a source of fake news? Do its owners stand to materially benefit from the decisions it is pushing you towards. Read around, know the background of your source and be aware of false advertising.

The Alternative

Read the policies. Do they make sense? Would they make this country and the lives of its residents a better place to live? If so, then uninstall the current ransomware  – and consider where to tick next time.


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